Free Admission Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

There’s no cover charge here: this is a place of honesty and full disclosure.



I admit that Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday because it involves a large feast, but it is reminiscent of Sabbath afternoon lunches back home in Jamaica that I miss. This Thursday celebrates events that happen one day a year that for me happened once a week.


I admit that the November Poem-A-Day Challenge has been a struggle for me as it applies to discipline and networking. I have had my major problems over the weekends but writing every day is hard! I like reading everyone esle’s poems each day but I don’t have the time to read them all, much less to comment. I wanted to do better at that this year but I guess there’s always next time!

I admit that the performers on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade looked ridiculous lip-syncing their songs. Lauren Alaina sang the National Anthem for the Packers vs. Lions and there was some kind of glitch or she forgot to keep singing… tsk tsk.


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