Beach Dudes

Story A Day Challenge continues:

I am learning so much! Since I started this challenge, I’ve been introduced to Twitter fiction, 55Flash fiction and now a Drabble. I am slowly cresting the Summer School speed bump this week. I am behind on my stories but I will prevail. Once I get my rhythm back it will be on! I hope you enjoy this little 100 word attempt.

May 12 Prompt: Beach Dudes

Three men sit on a shore, each one waiting for his woman. The men face three different directions, with expectant looks and roving eyes. They twitch at pairs of lifting bosoms, smile at disappearing bikini cloth. The first looks toward the ocean, shielding his eyes to view tanning babes. The second guy watches a couple nearby tickling each other, laughing hard as their toes toss the sand. The third man searches yonder, probes the beach with a craning neck till he sees her. The men sigh in unison, no longer alone. Each sigh a different tone of regret, remembrance, love.


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