Success or Failure?

Wow. It is almost time. Twenty-seven days doing the Story A Day challenge. What have I accomplished? Well, along with the few life lessons I will share below, I wrote some stories. In a writer’s life, these tips can form strong roots in the craft:

  • Set Realistic Expectations – No one can stomp on your dreams. But you can ruin your chances by chasing the wind (I probably should have followed this advice getting ready on May 1st). My completion rate is currently at 70.37%. I am not proud of that but I will change it in four days. Life gets in the way of writing and there will always be valid excuses but thirty-one stories in thirty-one days is still an attainable goal. I will conquer!
  • Love Your Writing Community – This is an underrated weapon in any writer’s arsenal. Whether they prod you, inspire you, intimidate you, or critique you – their voices are better than silence. Without my new StoryADay and Twitter buddies I wouldn’t be motivated to complete this journey and I want to cross the finish line with them. Thanks peeps!
  • Create and Share – The reward is worth it. The feeling I get from having written, from coloring a blank page with words, is energizing. Every time the guilt crept up and reminded me that I was so many days behind, the memory of joy would follow. When I get your comments it makes me feel like my dent in the world means something. Create and share, keep the joy going.
  • Write, Right Now – Whenever you get the urge, write! Walk with a notebook on your person. Use your cellphone, record yourself, whatever! Keep writing no matter what. You are the only one who can tell your story and I realized ideas wait for no (wo)man. 
Thanks to everyone for keeping my company during the Story A Day challenge. I met some cool characters and been to some places I will be revisiting and revising later. This month was hectic but it was awesome. Four more days till I taste glory or defeat. Well, I’ll be tasting something…

2 thoughts on “Success or Failure?

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for writing this.

    I definitely agree with all your points. I really did intend to write a story every day, no matter what, but I learned to forgive myself for those few days I just had to miss. If I had difficulty getting going I tried to remember the joy.

    Your other three points are so true. I've not been part of a writing community since about 1997 and it was awesome to find everyone here. On more than one day, just reading what other people were posting was enough to get me going.

    And who was it that said something about just showing up to your page every day? It's a simple but worthwhile strategy.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am still learning to forgive myself for missing those days but we're gonna make it. Congratulations on your journey too, jwordsmith!

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