The Storm – ADD ON!

Let’s try an experiment. Below is a 99 word sample story idea that does not have a end…yet! Remember when you were a kid and you devoured those Goosebumps stories by the day and as you went to bed at night, you imagined some alternate ending? Or when you actually read the ones that had alternate endings and you imagined your own? Trust me, you’ve done it with stories, movies, books, and newspaper articles. Ok, so let’s do it here. In the comments section add on and supply an ending for this story. Be it elaborate or short or creepy or romantic, it will be fun to see what you all come up with. Shall we?

The Storm

“It feels a lot safer when the weather man says it,” Ronnie remarks.
We see it coming from the suspended highway. Its path set on our tiny key in the Atlantic. Here, no warning can advise us. The rumbling skies stir the ocean below it.
“Yea let’s go tell the others,” I say.
I leave her staring at the gathering clouds. I run up the slope to the camp. Thunder growls at my back and they all understand. We move in frenzy until the rain comes. Our flimsy tents rattle. Outside the wind carries Ronnie’s manic shout: “It’s here!”


3 thoughts on “The Storm – ADD ON!

  1. The wind howls so loud, the rain batters the flimsy material of the tent.

    Can't hear myself think, I close my eyes and place my hands over my ears in a some vain attempt to drown out the sound of destruction of mother nature.

    Wind gets stronger, rain gets harder, I scream loud!

    Suddenly silences falls over us and we stumble from our battered and torn tents to find the sun shining down on us. We look around at the broken trees and sigh in disbelieve at what has just occurred. We hug each other to acknowledge that we are all safe and well.

    “Where is Ronnie,” I look around.

    “Ronnie” we shout.

    Once again silence falls over us in the realisation that mother nature has taken one of us!

  2. One man strapped himself to a coconut tree. Another dug a hole and laid down flat in it. The other shouted to the wind in a drunken state,
    “Come get me.”

    Only 2 were left after the storm.

    Can you guess which one was missing?

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