Ever After and The Fan

I wrote the poem “Ever After” for my second submission to the Royal Palm Beach Forum. I was even surprised it was printed because it almost was not written, much less sent. In any case, it showed up in the paper on Wednesday July 7th. I learned of this later in the morning before I got to class because of an email I got from the VP of our Writing Group:

Good Morning My Friend;

                                          I just had an interesting phone call, a gentleman read your poem in the paper, and he and his wife wished to talk to the author. He wished it explained to him??   Anyway his name is Mr. Man*, [here is] his phone number…Do what you wish with this information. Have a great day

Suffice it to say, I freaked out. It is weird finding out that some stranger – meaning someone unrelated to me, unknown to me – read and wished to inquire about my work. I was in a bubble, I guess, thinking the little local paper didn’t get around.
When Mr. Man and I spoke, he was quite enthusiastic about the piece. He said at first he didn’t recognize the distinct voices, but after a couple rereads he saw the story unfolding. He wanted clarification: was my intention to describe a same sex or traditional marriage? I intended traditional man-woman union but many readers think same sex for some reason (see the poem and comments). 
It was nice to hear from a “fan” and know that my piece stood out enough for him to make the effort to investigate. Little things like this keep me going as a writer. Mr. Man mentioned that it “moved” him and that gave me a natural high. 

I just want to provoke thoughts and emotions and start conversations with my work. I don’t need more than that. I was ecstatic – and it showed too much in the “quiet zone” of the library so I had to leave…

* Name changed


2 thoughts on “Ever After and The Fan

  1. Congrats! I know exactly how you feel, although I'm not such an established writer yet. Right now I get excited when someone comments on my blogs or even 'follows' me. It's always nice to know that someone takes an interest in your work and actually likes it.

    Btw, it is a great poem.

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