Red Pens and Resurrection Update

Hello Readers!

Nice to meet you once again on another Thursday. Since last week, I’ve been engaged with my (copy) editing project and made a discovery: I actually really like it. At the last Writing Group meeting, I volunteered for a spot on the “Review Committee” and while I felt it was a tentative move then, I feel now that it’s a sure way to improve my own writing.

Here are a few things I noticed about the editing process:

  1. Different perspectives change your editing attitude, and consequently, what you see. 
  2. Hunger has an effect as well; the pen bleeds more. 
  3. If Sharpie produces a red “ink” liquid pencil that would be my go-to-tool. 
  4. Typos are everywhere

With that cute little ad circulating around my county, I’m not necessarily on a mission or anything but pointing them out definitely sharpens my game.

Lastly, here’s an update from Resurrection:

Writing Projects

  1. Post a blog entry at least once a week
  2. Edit and review story for J.R.  Revision “Meeting” to come!
  3. Engage with and maintain online community
  4. Find up to three (3) poetry contests to enter this fall
  5. Post at least three (3) more poems to Hello Poetry

For you guys: What non-writing activity sharpens your writing skills? Do typos irk you? Which ones?


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