Surviving the relatives: that is the goal for this week. The invasion visit started on Thursday (hence my absence) and will end sooner than I know it. Fortunately, my laptop and I will go places – like my brother’s room –  that had once been barred…

In any case, the writing ventures are at a standstill and I haven’t been able to stem that ebbing tide partly because of the hosting duties. Artistic production really comes down to being in the right state of mind. To me, its like cleaning. If I am not in the mood for cleaning, it is a burden. I’ll still do it, halfheartedly, but it gets done. If I do get in the mood for cleaning, I work myself to the bone, crank the music loud, and feel proud about the sparkling place. The same has been true for my writing – and I’m never in the mood for cleaning when guests are in the house.

I am not in a sparkly mood…yet. My locus of control and inspiration keeps shifting. I say it’s the environment i.e. the relatives, the school work. Then sometimes I feel it is internal, and perhaps hormonal; maybe I’m saying that it’s mislabeled laziness! The pointless blame game continues but I am positive it might clear up after some normalcy resumes.

Where does your inspiration come from? External or internal forces, or is it all relative?


2 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. Nice post!

    I'm not a writer but for my passion of photography I use the inspiration of other peoples pictures and also the enjoyment of creating something I'm proud of.

    It can be very easy to use other factors in life to push you off course of being creative. But having said that if you do not have order in your life and have your own space then it will make it harder to be creative.

    Once you get your writing space back then maybe set aside one day a week (not a few hours here and there) for writing and reading to get your creative mind going with lots of ideas. Then from all those ideas list them and tackle them in whatever order and time frame you want. You never know you might end up having two whole days a week just for writing!….:)

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