I’m going to set
the world on fire,
one thought at a time.
The low grumble like earth’s hunger spews
heat and ash and stops and starts flights;
a phenomenon awakened from dormant
years – bright, smoky ending night.
See fish pile up in grand mourning
and the wild life seek to sustain
livelihood in neighborhoods stripped
naked from their industry’s sure gain.
While flames feast on match filled forests
lit from a spark on dry windy days,
you fear young men locked in fatigues
chasing terror from blistering cafes.
Friction forms from this war’s beginning:
men exercising righteous burning, humming
remembrance as Johnny Lang sang,
“Yea, it’s been a long time coming.”
Still, this long thread has yet to startle
the world with its woven apocalypse.
I incite the dynamite of hatred
and ignite caustic words dripping from lips,
then I’ll watch as it burns.

In response to this prompt

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