3 Days till NaNoWriMo/Nov PAD

I’m not panicking per se, but I am feeling the heat from my seat. There are only 3 days and about 2 hours left until November starts (yay?). 

I am still in the “Listomania” phase of prep. My scramble-to-the-starting-line-list for the remaining days looks like this:

To Do List
  1. Clear work space
  2. Buy cereal and pancake mix
  3. Clear off old recordings on cell phone 
  4. Write research paper
  5. Write monthly assignment for local Writing Group
  6. Read “How Not To Write A Novel” 
  7. Secure a notebook for writing away from computer
  8. Finalize novel ideas/plans at LitLift.com
I got most of my list ideas from Routines for Writing and Lizanne’s MicroNano series. The others are results of my panicking. I want to get all the extraneous writing done before November starts, but I see how lofty my goals are. I projected about three school-related bottlenecks that might hinder my progress next month and I cannot do anything about them but wait for the interruption. Not excited about that.

Tech Notes

I am excited to get the project started. The LitLift writing software is awesome. It has been helping my me sort out my ideas the way I like them organized and because I can access it online, I can have my notes on any computer. 

I will be writing mostly on 750words.com and Google Docs for the same reasons: accessibility through the internet. Plus, I’ve failed at my last attempt at the monthly challenge on 750words.com to write each day. Killing two birds with one stone, or one story. At the end of each day I will back up my work in a regular old MS Word file. There will be at least two copies floating around.


As if my pride wouldn’t be scarred enough, I am going to extend the cool rewards/punishments feature to you all. In your comments please tell me what you prescribe:

If you succeed, you should…

If you miss a day or more, you should…

If I succeed, I will treat myself to dinner and a movie. 
If I miss a day or more, I will go running at midday instead of 7 a.m.

Go crazy. Triple dog dare me.

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