Day 1: The Beginning

Come away with me on a 30 day journey through word counts and poeming. It is November.

After all that anticipation, October passed away and now I will be sharing my NaNoWriMo/November PAD experience. Each day I will drop a few lines about my progress in order to chronicle this feat. I hope it will serve as encouragement for any writer because if I can do this – anyone can!


  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – 2446 words in 3 hours (approximately). I got up at midnight and wrote till about 3am. I used to get me started and then I tried Write or Die to get the pressure going. 
  2. Discoveries – I must be refreshed before I begin writing. Because I was still tired from my pre-NaNo nap, I drifted off into wonderland too often. I was thinking about the story, just not writing it. Maybe a morning writing session will be better. Oh, and my typing skills are sub-par.
  3. Sacrifices – Did not sacrifice much other than my regular sleep schedule. I was prepared for this because I scheduled my 12am start. This section will probably get more interesting as the month goes by.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge
  1. Poem Writing Set – I thought I’d include this section because the poem writing will probably not be scheduled as my poetic process is more spontaneous. Before I headed out the door, I jotted down today’s prompt in my notebook and mulled and made a few notes. I wrote it at the library, sometime after 1pm, when my stomach was growling the loudest. 
  2. Discoveries – Not that I was shocked, but the other poets really upped the intimidation factor. And there were so many participants! 
  3. Sacrifices – None yet. 

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