Day 5 and Day 6: The Lull

Here is the account of two days, two very slow days. It is getting harder to find time and harder to find content. I blank out at the screen much longer, and I even (gasp) procrastinate. I know! What happened to the schedule? All the plans? The outline? I don’t know.


  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – 11/5: 760 (measly) words in about 1 hour. 11/6: 772 words in about 1.5 hours. Neither total is good but I am still on track. My monthly total is now 11, 172 words and 5 chapters. 
  2. Discoveries – Writing in the kitchen is not a good idea. Writing around family is also very dumb.
  3. Sacrifices – I sacrificed my word count both days. Mostly for food and sleep, but I need those, right?
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge
  1. Poem Writing Set – 11/5: Nothing to report, nothing written. 11/6: Back to the notebook! I back-tracked one day and did both my poems at the same time. The prompts were awesome, as usual. 
  2. Discoveries –  I am starting to get concerned about the lack of “theme” in my potential chapbook. I don’t know where I am going with these poems – maybe nowhere but I at least want to give it my best shot. 
  3. Sacrifices – I haven’t had the time to read any of the poems from the other participants yet. I really need to catch up on that. They keep me inspired.

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