Day 10: The Sample

Wow! I have completed 1/3 of the days in November (thats all?). In light of that huge accomplishment I will post some of the unedited garbage work I have been doing so far.


Life back at Mom’s house has made me regress into old habits. Lying to her was the first. “Yes, I ate the last of the apple pie,” I’d yell back. I actually threw it out; it was spoiling, I just wanted to avoid the grief. The second was re-prioritizing my social life. Before the crash, I had a few friends I would meet for a night out occasionally but now they were crawling all over me like I was a commodity.
The house had a constant stream of traffic. Mostly from my co-workers, because they missed me – though they will never admit it – and I insisted on doing some work. Jake, the other NFL analyst at the station would come and take dictation from me so I could still update my blog. I could type, but not as fast with just the one hand…
“Anyway,” she said. “Tell me more about this pharmacist.”
“He’s called a couple times, asking about my broken wing, about football, about life. Just keeping up conversation.”
“Mmmhmm,” she picked up the sheet of paper towel that collected our rubbish, “so when did you say you’re gonna meet him?”
“I didn’t say. Maybe I wont,” I said.

She got up and circled the kitchen saying, “Yea, you’re going to see him. I can tell that you’re interested.”

“Yea of course I’m interested,” I pointed her to the cupboard under the sink. “I just don’t know what he wants out of it. I need more information to assess the situation.”
“Ok, this isn’t some business deal,” she said, dumping the trash, “this is a just an opportunity to get to know someone new. You collect information on the way.”
“Well I know that bit I just don’t see the point sometimes.”
She walked over to the lowered portion of the counter where my mom had her kitchen-office set up. “Hmm, don’t bother talking to me about pointless – wait, is this all your get well stuff people sent you?”
“Yes. That’s my pity parade.” She was talking about the magnetic and cork organizing board on the side wall that enclosed the little work space. As soon as they came in the mail, or through the door, I read them and stabbed them into place with a tack. 

  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – 1687 words in 1 hour. I am getting better. I also lied. I said I would never use Write or Die because of my Day 3 Meltdown but it is a huge help. I am so slow on my own. Typing is not speedy for me unless I am under some serious pressure. I guess I am trying to learn from my (copy/paste) mistakes.
  2. Discoveries – What I’m doing now, writing 50K free flowing words in 30 days, is not necessarily the hard part. I have to edit this thing eventually.
  3. Sacrifices – I am gonna have to START sacrificing something else because it seems I have less and less time to write. My pre-NaNo mock up schedule doesn’t fit my schedule anymore.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge

“You, John”
Why am I willing to press the wrinkles
out of your shirt? It’s simple:
not for homely dutiful desires,
or to supplant images that inspire
our future, babe;
it’s just, this steam wafts your scent
warm and penetrating into my bent
frame, just another way to soak up
the effervescent you, who spoke up 

and said it first. 

  1. Poem Writing Set – I wrote in my notebook today. The prompt was simply: “Write a love poem”. Who could resist that? After mine was written and sent to the boyfriend for “approval” I started thinking about the idea of mundane moments, how they make poetry accessible to everyone. A theme in the making? I think I am grasping at straws.
  2. Discoveries –  A short poem is oftentimes more time consuming (to write) than a long one.
  3. Sacrifices – Lately I haven’t been commenting on other poems, and I know I have mentioned that before, but sometimes the scroll bar gets really short and I have to let out a long sigh. Too many goodies, need time to savor

2 thoughts on “Day 10: The Sample

  1. Enjoyed the snippet from the book and poem was very good. When you say your only 1/3 through and feel like it should be longer I know that come December time your going to miss those November days and nights of writing the book.

    Take a moment and cherish the fun you have gotten so far writing a book for the first time.

    Now power ahead!

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