Day 15: The Loss

My notebook is somewhere in the mall. I lost it there today while I was out getting a present for my sister. I remember putting it down to check out some books in Borders, and that’s about it. I’m hoping it is still there. I wrote about 500 words in it for NaNo and my Day 15 poem.Carelessness!


  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – I am still behind. Even though I wrote 1770 words in 1.5 hours today, I feel overwhelmed. There is so much going on in my little life! The words aren’t coming as freely but I like my story – and that’s progress.
  2. Discoveries – Being behind is not motivating me to plow forward. It is making me feel pressure that is not helpful. I have to change that.
  3. Sacrifices – Well, the casualty of today is the notebook, but I also could have done a lot more writing if I was diligent today.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge
  1. Poem Writing Set – Epic Fail. I wrote on the bus today, to and from school. Nothing to show however. I hope my notebook is safe… The prompt for today was “Just when you thought it was safe…” How fitting.
  2. Discoveries –  It hurts to lose words.
  3. Sacrifices – See above.

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