Day 18: The Reset


  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – 2342 words while watching three quarters of the Bears vs Dolphins game.
  2. Discoveries – I am allowing the “Nano Stats” charts to intimidate me. I can finish before Dec 4! I will finish on time! Grrr!
  3. Sacrifices – None today. I wish my word count was higher, but I am clawing my way back up.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge
  1. Poem Writing Set – I mused about the prompt, “Lost & Found” and I cannot get the song Amazing Grace out of my head. No poem yet, but lots of thoughts
  2. Discoveries –  If I had a muse, he left. Yup, about a week ago.
  3. Sacrifices – I have to do some serious catching up on both fronts.

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