Day 19 and Day 20: The Boost

As life would have it, on the third week of NaNo I finally put in a decent word count on a Friday. Another first: I posted my poem in the morning! I got no responses, but it felt good to be a little ahead of the game.

  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – 11/19: 3114 words in 2.5 hours. Two of those hours were word wars – both in the kitchen. I was really a power house as I did a full day of house cleaning, even kinda cooked. I was proud. Not back on track yet, but chasing the purple line. 11/20: 1169 words in 1 hour. Not bad, but I was unwilling to do more.
  2. Discoveries – Although the wrimo circle is getting smaller as time goes on, it means that those are the ones who persevere. I like being a part of that group.
  3. Sacrifices – Sleeping cycle is shot. I am off my exercise routine, and will be behind for another 10 days. Fantasy football has suffered as well, though blaming NaNo may be just a cop out.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge
  1. Poem Writing Set – 11/19: The day with a poem with a hole in it. I wrote about my guitar. I think it is my favorite one of the month.11/20: I did not get my poem done but I have a really good idea for it.
  2. Discoveries –  A couple weekends ago I was having thoughts about a theme for the collection, and I’m still having them, though with a lot less apprehension. Check out what Mr. Brewer said: Personal note: I had the prompts for this challenge figured out about a month before we started this challenge. We’re 17 days into the challenge now, and I think I’m finally figuring out my theme for the month–for my own poems. We’ll see what I come up with during the final 13 days, but I may finally know what I’m trying to do. Or not. 

    The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been contacted by quite a few poets who haven’t figured out a theme for their poems. I’ve let them know one-by-one that a theme is optional for this challenge. After all, I created the prompts, and I’m just now “maybe” striking upon a theme. 

    The main goals of this challenge are to poem and to have fun. If you’re doing those two things, then you’re having a successful challenge.
  3. Sacrifices – Going to scribble in my poems soon…notebook neglect is my M.O.

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