Day 23 thru Day 28

Forgive me readers, I have been lax with my updates. There is good reason, my friends. I have been writing. Make no mistake, this writing has been lopsided and interrupted and most of it is total garbage but some areas of neglect have afforded me that pretty little banner below.

NaNoWriMo  50,391 WIN

  1. Wordcount/Time Investment – Despite an impending move, school work, and Thanksgiving Day I was determined to win this week. After getting back on track last Monday I did my best not to fall behind again. I remember hitting 42K, 43K, and 44K thinking I better not stop now – I’m so close! It was tough. But I can say I made it. 
  2. Discoveries – The mixed fear of losing coupled with the trill of winning was second to my desire to get the story told. This last week was the most fun I had writing. The plot was fun again as I jumped around the chapters. I wrote chapter 16 (out of 24) last. 
  3. Sacrifices – See below.
November PAD (Poem a Day) Chapbook Challenge  NEGLECTED! 
  1. Poem Writing Set 
  2. Discoveries –  
  3. Sacrifices 
Still to catch up on poeming. I consider this a minor fail, and I might just be saying that because I want it to feel less defeating but it was a “Poem-A-Day” challenge and I haven’t written 6 days/poems. Finishing NaNo early frees up lots of time to catch up and end the month with 30 poems ripe and ready for fine line reviews.

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