Cummings Over?

I’ve mentioned my fascination with E. E. Cummings before, haven’t I (I have: I posted another of his poems on “Poem in your Pocket Day”)?

It began in Dr. Lavin’s PreIB English class when she had us study “she being Brand” and continued because, well, first impressions are golden.

I’m reading a collection of his (for maybe the third time) and was inspired to write a poem. I tried to tailor it for the February prompt in my writing group “A walk in the park.”

little i, younger me,
if you knew what was coming,
you would duck.
the prize of a lazy arm
tucked away on your hip
scented of possession snuck
you out of the house
for a walk in the park.
little me hinted yes,
younger eyes nodded “i know,”
but you didn’t even flinch at the danger of a foreign lip
that kept you silent, lying, indulged, sore
at 3am on a school day/night.
little did i spy
from the corner of a graying sky
my tiny revolution:
the sun shining from its usual place.

My inspiration: set to music!

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