Love and Books

My beast (boyfriend) is giving me a library (Kindle) as a gift. He has been more excited about it than I have been (expressing) and it is endearing. He knows about my bibliophilia and how, in every sense of the word, I am a hoarder when it comes to books. So, he convinced me to accept the e-reader by stressing my concern over lack of space.

Watching this clip of Beauty and the Beast, it reminded me of my childhood. I was so impressed with that room. I fantasized about having a library like Belle’s with the sliding ladders and walls whose main purpose was shelving for books. I still fantasize about that room, but in my head it is way smaller now, much more practical, and only partially digital. I remember reading so many books as a child but now I haven’t the faintest idea where they were kept. Lately, I have been conscious of where to put a novel if I buy it because I already have so many.

Thinking about that and the Disney movie brought me around to the topic of the e-book takeover. There’s been a lot of fear and lament about the demise of physical books, how they will eventually go extinct and whatever. Then I look at Beast and his transformation from his fearful state to his human form. Because Belle loved him while he was still Beast, true love broke the spell. She loved him because of his character, not his appearance or physical form.

Likewise, my love for books won’t change because it is the words I love; words are the addiction. I can soak them up from a blinking screen or inhale them off a yellowed page. I am looking forward to getting my Kindle. It means more books for me!


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