Upcoming Challenges

I do well, or just better, with deadlines and prizes. For this post, I will outline the next three monthly writing challenges that may interest you too!

Greater Good (NaNoWriMo Novel) Chapter 1 
March – NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) 
  • Reason: To induce some corrections on my 50K attempt in November. 
  • Goal: Edit 50 hours and log your progress on the site. 
  • Progress: I have done four hours so far (I signed up on the 4th) and it is just grueling.
April – April PAD (Poem A Day) / Poem in Your Pocket Day 
  • Reason: November PAD was only partially successful and I’ve been wanting to do this since I missed it last year.
  • Goal: Write a poem a day for 30 days; enter 1-5 poems to be considered for Poet Laureate and/or Top 50 or 10% (see link for details)
  • Progress: I have thought long and hard about this!
May – Story A Day 
  • Reason: Last year was wonderful.
  • Goal: Write a story a day for 31 days; enter possible contest and showcase stories.
  • Progress: I’ve been keeping active with the community lately on the improvements for May.
Also, check out the side bar for my 2011 Reading Challenge (brought to us by Goodreads) and participant badges. 


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