Soaking up some Poetry

I’ve added a fun little page to the blog titled “What I’m Reading.” The gadget there is courtesy of Goodreads. If you run over and have a look right now, you will see that I’ve been enjoying a lot of poetry (I’ll wait for you to get back).

First of all, as I had mentioned before, I’m still reading a collection of poetry by E.E. Cummings. When I got my Kindle, the first full length book I read was his story, The Enormous Room. I thought it was magnificent and still, I sometimes find myself thinking about the characters (plus, it was free).

Secondly, I read Rita Dove’s On the Bus With Rosa Parks and found it fascinating. I loved “Maple Valley Branch Library, 1967” because I ended up right there as my eyes passed over her words. Mostly it reminded me of how I get loaded with books each time I go. It takes a lot of resistance to walk out empty handed! Reading her work was like looking through a book of photographs, seeing and knowing the moment as if you were there when the shutter opened and closed.

Lastly, there is power in words. When you read a good book, or get tangled up in a lyrical piece of poetry, it stays with you. It haunts you. It inspires you. So if you are looking for a literary recharge – read!


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