April PAD 1: Misery Needs Company

The swaying palm tree reminds me
his tweet is a melody of longing,
that sharp trill he barks at me
when I walk by his cage
a jealous squak matching the patter
of my bare feet over squeaky rented floors.

His seeds and water sure, newspaper changed,
wings clipped.

His envious green feathers slick and tropical
against his fast moving head nodding,
always nodding with vacant eyes at each day’s passing.
Often he implores, racing from (fake) branch to (fake) branch,
the reason for his being here,
grasping with beak and both feet,
demanding to be released
till my eye levels with his and in defiance,
he shrieks, turning away.

Then together we view the swaying palm tree
beyond our reach, distorted by cage bars
and slanted venetian blinds.

Prompt: Write a “What Got You Here” poem
Today’s Writing Setting: Lounging on the bed, pre-nap. Original written in (new-ish) notebook.

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