April PAD 3: Cache

I wrote four different poems today in response to the prompt below. This one is my favorite:

me there 
would be
a gap wide 
enough in
which one 
could sink
 a tepid life,
of course not 
comparable to 
the one I live,
for I am a 
a pack rat,
a hoarder.
with that 
space i 
would fit 
in its own
  fleshy drawer;
squeeze in a 
lifetime’s worth 
of laughter – 
and not just 
the giggly kind –
the sort of 
fat burning 
laughter that 
fills villages;
i’d shrink wrap 
answered prayers 
and stolen kisses; 
stuff the corners
with failures
and the stuff
of borderline 
that chasm
would hold
someone less
packing it
all in.

Prompt: Write a poem in which you imagine the world without you
Today’s Writing Setting: In between spoons of oatmeal on the couch.

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