April PAD 10: Daydreams

That neverlasting enigma of my childhood days
spent in Ever-Ever-land gazing from the bending bough
of my masochistic guava tree is again before me.
As I itch to pen this poem, my memory extends to that
very spot where I got entangled with the persistence of dreams,

where reality seemed only a plausible distance from which
to hop out of, sweating as much as is required to blink.
I would think myself into oblivion, into worlds where a pinch
couldn’t wake me, until an ant crossed onto my unfamiliar skin
for a stinging taste.

The unblemished sky of my twelve year old mind
is disturbed, warped under the dome of perspective
and I hear the chronic crack beneath my gained weight.
I entreat the tree to allow me another minute of irresponsible bliss,
of problems that can be fixed with a heartthrob’s love song,
of daydreams unmarred by the stranger I’ve become;

but I know, it is not so, and nor ever again will it be
for as much fruit as it still bore, I left behind a dwarfed tree

Prompt: Write a “never again” poem
Today’s Writing Setting: In bed, between Scrabble plays.


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