April PAD 11: Maybe I’m Too Old For This*

Midnight bedtimes are becoming a hurdle
All nighters sorely out of the question
Youth constantly reminds me of my love for turtles
Bewitched my their painstaking crawl
Ever forward, ever sheltered, ever fertile

I at night mince together the memories of the day
Making sure to scribble down the highlights before they fade away

Taking the time to take care of my body
Ordering my diet, editing my looks for that haughty
Oscillation, always between plain and gaudy

Youth is but a frame of mind
Often chased like a passing wind
Under the guise of a new medical find
Never quite feeling prepared to begin
Grinding forward, upstream against time.

Now comes the realization: there’s more ahead
Or enough behind to feel caught in an ebb
That cannot be stilled and demands a steady tread.

Tomorrow knows it will see me on the other side of the moon
Older, wiser, and not giving up my reckless ways any time soon.

*Acrostic Poem

Prompt: Write a poem entitled “Maybe _____”
Today’s Writing Setting: In bed, around 11:00 a.m.

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