April PAD 12: The Line*

The line of demarcation could be terse as a menarche
or as vague as a recognition of confidence before anarchy

Though firmly in older territory, I am noticeably behind
enemy lines, misplacing my foe, granting myself this anarchy

Of boredom, of wild abandon till substantially occupied
by an active culture rather than dormant malarkey

I doubt my place as permanent as I trench through
opposing camps, from intelligence to malarkey

The common journey has no worn paths though
we pass one another in the quest of self-autarchy

All conflict breeds heroes and villains, victors
and the forgotten, and slaves unfit for dyarchy

As for Maxie, steer toward an eternal definition
where even wombs take allegiance to the triarchy

*Ghazal and find a spoonerism!

Prompt: Two for Tuesday
  1. Write a form poem
  2. Write an anti-form poem

Today’s Writing Setting: In bed, around 11:00 a.m.

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