April PAD 14: Greedy

I walked past too many
of your arguments,
hungry or needing relief,
after waiting and waiting
for you, one of you,
to notice I was holding
my breath for hour-long
seconds in my head.
I walked in on your dispute,
exiting my dreams,
picking up words you threw
at each other, and
painting them on my memory’s
palate, spitting them
back out when people weren’t
looking. Those words were delicious,
tart, and tasted like secrets.
I swallowed them, like
slimy okra till there
weren’t any left.
Still, they scorch
my throat with the reminder
that they ain’t none
of my business.

Prompt: Write an “ain’t none of my business” poem
Today’s Writing Setting: Sitting by the computer.

2 thoughts on “April PAD 14: Greedy

  1. The beginning of your poem made me think of times I hated seeing or hearing arguments but the 2nd part of your poem made me think how much I enjoyed them too 🙂

    Nice work!

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