April PAD 16: Options

I pro[pose] a toasted bagel
with a slathering of cream cheese
because as you [click] together
your thoughts, I’ve already bought
out meals for the week, [shot] the
bus boy down and claimed you
as my man, my excuse, [zoom]ed
through the entire menu
and [focus]ed my point of [view] on you,
[picture]d us together in the same
 frame of mind, as you take your time
to order, I take mine to imagine us
in long aged [photo]s, us [shoot]ing the breeze,
then I [snap] out of my daydream
and sup[pose] you wont eat the whole bagel
so I may inherit the bottom half. [DELETE]

Prompt: Write a snapshot poem
Today’s Writing Setting: Sprawled half on, half off my bed.

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