Story A Day May On Its Way

With only five days remaining in the springtime poetry writing marathon NaPoWriMo/April PAD, I announce my official enlisting into the fiction writing portion of literary challenges: Story A Day May. The badge below proves it!

It is self explanatory but I bind myslef to the guidelines made here in this post as follows:

  1. Write (finish) a story every day*
  2. End the month with (at least) 31 stories
  3. Write only ONE twitter length story a week

*Fridays and Saturdays are my “weekends” so I may not exactly find time to write/type up on the day, nevertheless, there will be 31 new stories at the end of the month.

That’s it! If you would like to participate too, that would be awesome! The community is very friendly at and you could even do it offline on your own, although I do encourage involving other writing buddies to keep you motivated and accountable.

Request for Readers: I need story prompts from you. Please leave a comment with a story idea, whether it be a subject, line of dialogue, a place, situation, a word…anything to get the juices flowing. I am looking forward to your suggestions, and to May!


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