Story A Day – The Madness

These are the guidelines I committed to for this month-long challenge:

  1. Write (finish) a story every day*
  2. End the month with (at least) 31 stories
  3. Write only ONE twitter length story a week

Now, here’s a quick update on how the challenge of writing a Story A Day has been going for me:

  • Guideline #1 – (epic) Fail! I have written stories on 8/11 days so far. One of the stories end mid-word. 
  • Guideline #2 – Even though I am behind, I have all intentions to catch up. 
  • Guideline #3 – Yay! One for the win! I have written only one Twitter-fiction story and I actually like it. 
This year has been less productive for me than last, although, it has more to do with poor time management than with life’s interruptions. I must regulate my Hulu-Korean-drama-time to the weekends! Below is a sample from week 1:
May 3 Prompt: Pride (@lilscottieme)
Liberation: A Drabble
The dense carpeting underfoot, still falling from the canopy above, crunched with my heavy march. I wiped imaginary frost from my face, knowing if I didn’t there might be tears instead. I dared not turn around. I dared not pause. I held my pride and dignity in my posture because they were watching. The desperate screams and pitter-patter of feet retreated as I pushed forward toward a freedom I was unsure I wanted. The future was thick with impossibilities. Now my footprints burned a bridge to the only trade I knew — raising someone else’s children and neglecting my own.



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