Dance, Dance

Wow. It has been over 2 months since I’ve blogged. Bad Maxie. Blogger has even changed its entire interface while I was gone.

In the time away, however, there has been cause for celebration, so get your party hats on (or straw hats, or beanies, or whatever you’re rocking) and let’s throw down. W00t!

  • I successfully completed another semester of school. No only did I survive, I aced my classes. Thank you, Jesus!
  • I got a new, super fast computer (installed with writer friendly MS Word 2010 and OneNote)…and a new computer bag.
  • My poem from April 14th “Greedy” was selected as one of the top 50 poems from the pool of submissions  from the April Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge. Check out the results and poems – I am absolutely honored to be mentioned with this group of poets. Surreal!
  • I failed Story A Day May in spectacular fashion – finishing almost exactly where I left off on the blog – with only 11 stories. Why are we celebrating this? Well, that’s 11 more stories than I had before May 1st. They are still works in progress. 
If those aren’t reasons to dance around like a maniac, pshhhh…. Actually, life is too wonderful not to celebrate even the smallest things, like getting a letter in the mail from a person, not a company.
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