Free Admission Thursday

This is the first edition of a weekly spill session. Based on the “Confession Tuesday” concept I’m borrowing from both Poet Mom and Book of Kells, Free Admission Thursday is a place of honesty and full disclosure – like the chapters of a Tell-All.

I admit that it has been 28 days since I wrote a poem. Lately it has been a relief to write something other than a research paper. One of my classes is “Business Writing,” so I should have expected that this semester.

I admit that although I live about 15 miles from the beach, last Wednesday was my first trip back since summer 2 years ago. The ocean recharges me. Perhaps because it is so refreshing, powerful, and I don’t have to pay to get in.

I admit that I was nervous about doing the November Poem A Day Challenge this year but I am over the jitters. I’m doing it. It will be a little more difficult than last year because I have a full workload at school, but I feel confident. I need this challenge to erase my NaNoEdMo and Story A Day failures from earlier this year. Now to get my friends (talking to you, Jim) to join in with me! More details on that in another post.

I admit to cooking while blogging. As I was throwing what I thought was spaghetti into the pot, trying to multitask, I discovered blogger’s predictive typing feature. It will take some getting used to. After three hunger driven taste tests I realized I was actually cooking linguine.

There you have it: the first cut of F.A.T. (tee hee!)

PS: If you received this message as an email and you want to make a comment, do not hit the REPLY button. I won’t get it. Leave a comment on my blog following the link provided below.


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