Free Admission Thursday

There’s no cover charge here: this is a place of honesty and full disclosure.

I admit that I am excited for my writing friends who are now attending the Florida Writers Conference in Orlando. A pinch of jealousy, maybe, but I am seriously considering it as an option for next year. I surely hope  by then I will be ready…whatever that means.

I admit to being conscious of my own shortcomings making them shorter. I wrote a haphazard story today for critique and in trying to keep it brief I played into my usual faults: fluffy descriptions over clarity, spotty scenes and shoddy transitions. I know this is classic Maxie, but I am at least motivated to fix it. Thanks for encouraging my madness!

I dropped my Kindle recently. I am ashamed. Now I have a tiny little blotch in the upper right quadrant of the screen. Most of the time, I don’t even see it, but other times…I can’t see anything else. I have a case; it wasn’t being used during the accident.

I admit that I am counting down to November. See below!

PS: If you received this message as an email and you want to make a comment, do not hit the REPLY button. I won’t get it. Leave a comment on my blog following the link provided below.


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