Free Admission Thursday

There’s no cover charge here: this is a place of honesty and full disclosure.

I was browsing at the library with my boyfriend last month and between whispers and giggles in the love and dating section, we encountered a book titled “I LoVe YOu, LeT’s MeEt: Adventures in Online Dating” and out popped this note (transcribed below):

Hi You,

Hi, if you are reading this I guess you found the book. You really know how to use the Dewey Decimal Catalog. I hope you are doing good.  It really amazes me how we have kept this friendship going. Its been years since we’ve seen each other but we still manage to be in touch. It’s strange how close we live but how far away we seem. But it is great what we have!!

I hope this little adventure brought a smile to your face.  I always loved to see your smile, I miss your laugh. 

Anyways have a great whatever when you find this!! 


P.S. If someone else has checked this book out can you please leave this note, thanks.

I admit this was the most romantic thing I had seen in a long time.

I admit that I am anxious about the anthology for this year. My writing group publishes a collection every year and this year I formatted the whole thing. I looked at the proof this week and made some corrections and concessions but I just want to have it in my hand!

There are four days till the November Poem-A-Day Challenge. I am so ready. I’ve been tempted by my online NaNoWriMo buddies from last year but I will not waver. I am inspired by Cara’s thematic playlist for her November novel. The songs are all heavy with story and that’s what I am aiming for in my poems this year.


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