November Poem-A-Day Game Plan

As I prepare to dive into this month of poetic adventure, I still have to be conscious that regular life continues. That was my main issue last year when I fell off – overestimating my available writing time. This year, I am going to concentrate on quality by investing a proper segment of my day to the poem. I operate much better in the morning.

Here’s a list of things I can still to do create some more poetry time before November comes:

  1. Inform family members 
  2. Write research paper(s)
  3. Write November assignment for Writing Group
  4. Prepare education workshop for Writing Group
  5. Create blog template for poem posts
That reminds me! I will be posting a poem here each day. Feel free to leave comments because I will really need your recommendations when it comes time to put the chapbook manuscript together. Also, if you recieve these posts by email, and you don’t want to get 30+ posts in your inbox next month, let me know so I can modify the list.
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