November PAD 1: Running

Today’s Prompt: Two-For-Tuesday! 

  • Write a procrastination poem, or as I like to call it a “I’ll get to it tomorrow” poem. Or…
  • Write a proactive poem, or the old “I’ll get to it today” poem.

Today’s Poem:


She charged into the world,
with pen in hand,
searching for purpose and herself.
The least of these could wait,
as her talents appreciate
in her dusty old self.
She charged into the world
unaware of man’s delay,
carrying a glass bottom boat
on her head.
She should have known
she would be prone
to last minute sprints
and roadblocks instead.

Today’s Ponderings:
I am not happy with this attempt but I eeked it out as soon as I could this morning. I started another but the business of school and everything else kept me from finishing the draft. Made me think of this song…


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