Free Admission Thursday

There’s no cover charge here: this is a place of honesty and full disclosure.

I admit that I got a little dizzy doing this: Go to and type in “do a barrel roll” (without quotes)

So many people are doing the poetry challenge this month. I found that there are three groups of poets participating:

  1. Poets who post poems and comments on the Poetic Asides blog with Robert Lee Brewer.
  2. Poets who post poems on their own blogs (who may or may not comment at Poetic Asides). 
  3. Poets who post no poems online.
Hats off to each one of them. I do not have any plans to submit my poetry to fancy journals just yet, but it is wise not to post poems to your blog if you (eventually) want to send them out. Some publishers may consider blogs as “published” material. 
I hope the two guests who came to the writing group today will decide to stay on as regular members. We’ve had at least five people come in and lift right out. 

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