November PAD 2: Drumming

Today’s Prompt: Use an epigraph to kickstart your poem.

Today’s Poem:


“Everybody’s trusting in the heart, like the heart don’t lie” – Matchbox 20

Synchronized heartbeats
thumped alongside
heaping gulps of air,
but you were not there.

A common lub-dub holding
memories and faith,
futures and hope,
but I missed your scope.

Beating fear and despair
with love and untruth
in the same vein
with the same race
to the same place
with the same tome
in two found souls.

Then, all at once,
it pumped out

of rhythm.

Today’s Ponderings: Its the second day and I’m a little behind. Still waiting to fall “in like” with a rough draft.

Epigraph from this song:

Poem’s concept from the end of song:


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