November PAD 5: Breaking

Today’s Prompt: Write a broken poem

Today’s Poem:


The rivalry in my bones
creaks against the memory
of yesterday’s unjust guilt,
against the unturned stones
of worry—but here,
in between lines of sleep,
the dawn does nothing
but break.

The cracks in the ceiling
are veined in exactly
the same way they were
before, but while this new
fissure in my backbone
keeps me feigning rest,
the day does nothing
but break.

The world too fractured,
the burden too great,
as I wake to face
a side of you I regret
to have known.
My swollen eye
and silenced tongue
accompany my exit.

The mirror on the wall
with its new film of dust
reveals the fear bruising
my will, and still, the sun
rises. Tiptoe to the door,
morning has broken,
and my resolve
is breaking, breaking.

Today’s Ponderings: Fueled by this song: “Broken” by Seether ft. Amy Lee


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