November PAD 16: Training

Today’s Prompt: Write a poem entitled “Once Upon a __________”

Today’s Poem:

Once Upon A Train

we sat in silent conversation
talking to our own strangers,
but though my words were
requested responses, they
were meant for you to hear,
to show you I meant never
to share a breath with you,
to show you that I stopped
caring where you went
what you did, who you saw,
where you lived, but yes,
ignoring you took efforts you
didn’t deserve and I am itching
to serve you remorse when
the doors open and I leave
you with the remnants of
your last chance.

Today’s Ponderings: I’ve fallen behind with my posts and though I am frustrated with myself for that, I feel energized in the same way I was at the beginning of this challenge. The weekends are difficult but I’ll catch up soon. I have written about 17 poems, songs technically, I am still on track but writing daily is yet to be mastered. Too much going on in my life…


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