November PAD 19: Staying

Today’s Prompt: Write a “suspicious minds” poem

Today’s Poem:


The neighborhood heard
(or maybe just the houses
three doors down),

that you weren’t coming back
or that you were told not to return.

They surmise that a stranger
slept here, that our finances
met chaos, that we met one
another at a crossroads
and went our separate ways.

The neighborhood was not
stunned when you walked
back in, but they were suspicious
of your length of stay.

Today’s Ponderings: A little behind, but loving the experience. Writing something creative everyday is harder this month than any other, I think. There are a lot of family activities and school obligations converging on each other but keeping my mind on the goal (at least 30 poems by Dec 1, possibly a manuscript) is the motivating force.


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