November PAD 24: Gathering

Today’s Prompt: Write a gathering poem.

Today’s Poem:


Some privileges we left
behind are not worth fighting
for, and ideals worthy of  
raised fists trails the list.
The collectivity bargained
for lacked peace of mind
in the noble gathering
of bodies. In a gallery
of men we’d stand in anger
(most times), hurling demands
across lines we are
(sometimes) conscious
not to cross, but without
cause—we’d charge the lost
with the sins of the living
and leave the accountable
off the hook, for when we
look outside ourselves we
see things to fix, and blame
the mirror for being distorted
when we’re the ones who
aborted the choice to be
right because sometimes
we come together
for the wrong reasons.

Today’s Ponderings: This poem has a political flavor but I didn’t want to write another cheesy Thanksgiving poem. Maybe I will later on…


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