Post-Challenge Thoughts and Actions

Deadlines are motivators for me. I work best with a clock ticking. With these facts in mind, I look at the selection process of choosing (at least ten, at most twenty) poems for the chapbook manuscript in a time frame. I have about a week.

This means I’m going to need your help. Below is a list of titles and prompts (with links!) from November’s poetry challenge. Let me know which ones were most significant, enjoyable, or memorable to you by commenting or replying with three title(s) you liked. I didn’t include all the drafts here, but if you liked one not found on the list, mention it as well.

Let the sifting begin!

Poems and Prompts

  1. Pink Collar – Procrastination/proactive
  2. Wasted Solidarity – Epigraph poem
  3. Sort of Silly – “Sort of  ________”
  4. Discovery – Something unexpected 
  5. Rising Anew – Broken poem
  6. Dead or Alive – “______ or  ______”
  7. Overcast – Different perspective poem
  8. Cliche To Do List – Math or numbers poem
  9. Enough – Excess poem
  10. The Lioness – Kind poem
  11. Location, Location – Love/anti-love
  12. Once Upon a Train – “Once upon a _______”
  13. Revelations – Something revealing 
  14. Best Ever Farewell – Best ever poem
  15. Whenever I Remember – “Whenever _______”
  16. Beet – Fruit/vegetable poem
  17. Alive – Travel poem
  18. Right to Assemble – Gathering poem
  19. To My Mistakes – Tribute poem
  20. Let There Be – Evening/day-time poem

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