Chapbook Challenge Manuscript – Completed!

Chapbook Title Page

I had no idea what I was doing.

Putting the manuscript together was an emotional struggle because I was unsure of my editing skills, unsure of what order the poems should appear, unsure of the poems themselves. I came across a poet’s confession a few weeks back:

~ Book of Kells: Confession Tuesday – Looking Back: “I confess I’m just not sure my current poems are “good enough.” And what does “good enough” actually mean? I’m not sure. But I just want to think they are incredible, but I don’t.”

I share her exact sentiment. In any case, doubts and insecurities aside, I strung a few poems together into a collection and I emailed it off to Robert Lee Brewer for judging. On Groundhog Day (Feb 2) I will know if it stood out in the crowd.

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2 thoughts on “Chapbook Challenge Manuscript – Completed!

  1. Good for you – I always forget to try and make a chapbook- keeping my fingers crossed for you. Also, if you don't get picked, remember it doesn't mean a thing! You still did it! You gots talent.

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