2012 Fearless Poetry Exploration Challenge – Accepted!

'William Blake Books' photo (c) 2010, brewbooks - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Last week I posted a laundry list of Literary Challenges (and posted a separate page for it as well) for the new year but I made no promises to complete any of them. Today, I am standing firm on one declaration:

I intend to read 4 books of poetry this year

Serena from Savvy Verse & Wit hosts this challenge as a way to build community around the fun of reading poetry. The rules* are quite simple – Complete one of the following:

  1. Read and review 2 books of poetry
  2. Participate in 3 Virtual Poetry Circles (online poem discussion)
  3. Sign up for the National Poetry Month blog tour in April
This challenge is an organized way to gather all my poetry goals for the year together. The first task has to do with immersing myself in poetry, both for enjoyment and analysis. The second involves poetry discussion, which I love, and the third involves writing poems in April – something I am already planning to do (for the 2nd time!).

Two poetry books will be from my shelves. Both are anthologies, one collected in the UK and the other showcases Caribbean poets. This is where you come in! I am seeking recommendations for (at least) two more poetry books. Please leave a comment with the title and poet’s name and a reason why I should read the volume.

Interested in this challenge? Let me know your exploration strategy!



4 thoughts on “2012 Fearless Poetry Exploration Challenge – Accepted!

  1. Great idea, Maxi. Since I'm already onto my second poetry volume for the year (just finished a Wendy Cope collection and now onto a Heaney) I think I can probably make this too!

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