April PAD 7: Da Capo


The music stood in between us
(a cloud too thick to pass through)
and in lieu of conversation, we just
swayed in its banter and cantered
around a puddle of dischord,
choosing each other’s arms
on which to write a symphony
of new memories rather than
entertain the wary demons
beating their way of disarray.

My ear was pressed to your chest
until your chin rose from my hair
and there, in the key of
forgiveness, our duet began anew;

your eyes held a melody
for which my tears
were the only harmony.

Prompt: Write a poem describing a scene in which two or more people interact without speaking.


A note about the title: Da Capo is a musical term that indicates when a section of music is to be repeated.

This is my favorite prompt of the challenge so far because I love writing about silent conversations. Don’t believe me? Last November I wrote a poem that could qualify here as well called Once Upon a Train. There are some exquisite moments that can be magnified with words because there were no words exchanged.

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