April PAD 8: Rejected


I could finally taste
the most subtle denial
lingering in your selection
of what to say, what to share,
when to mention dejection
or to show you

because for years I shouldered
your carefully chosen words
like apples falling from

and though I heard
I couldn’t understand
your whispered command
to retreat from your land,
off your roots, and stand

taste the tart, bitter
fruit you offer
and see the heart
you dared not proffer
as a lantern on my feet
while I strolled to retrive
the shattered pieces
of me.

Prompt: Write a rejected poem


Some of the poems I write are autobiographical, drawn from experiences in my life where in remembering, I can identify specific emotions that I want to share in a poem. Other times, I create a character in my head with a specific scenario and imagine the emotions surrounding that event through that character’s mind. Writing about the past can be cathartic and I’m thankful that poetry can be both personal fact and impersonal fiction.


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