April PAD 13: Stay (A Ghazal)


A sharpened tool of ocean waves, rolling hills, and roads unpaved
chisels at my forlorn heart when too soon you must depart

When longings end short, when moving lets stagnant miles
pile high, I wonder at the sky, asking when soon it too will part

I seek the warmth of my alone and beg for it to bring me home
but then too soon you’re here and soon almost gone, so depart

from my dreams of slow tomorrows and smooth passing days
Say, “Maxie, I will stay” when soon you can no longer depart


Prompt: Write a ghazal

Again, I was bitten by a crazy weekend so now I am catching up on poetry. 

You may notice that this prompt is from the Napowrimo (National Poetry Writing Month) website and not from the Poetic Asides (PA) blog. The PA prompt was to write an unlucky poem and I don’t believe in luck so I couldn’t come up with anything. I would love to write on both prompts each day but I struggle to crank one out so, let’s leave that pipe dream for another “less busy” year.

What the heck is a ghazal? Here are some examples:
Hip-Hop Ghazal – Patricia Smith
Ghazal – Gene Doty


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