April PAD 16: Mixed Up


I listen, but your lips are dubbed against an unfamiliar track
your lyrics move me forward, your falsetto brings me back

your mixed up symphony, sung beyond its jazz
slurred past my heart with your drunken pizzazz

hand on my inappropriate hip, slow dancing to your heart robbing tune,
you wonder why I stiffen, why I’ve found the rhythm and become immune

i’ll spare your feelings, and even say you were on key
but I know you just wanted an audience, you never wanted me

you can ask me again, when the harmonies align, charm me
with the refrain when your metronome finds its time

Prompt: Write a mixed up poem

Sometimes I read poems that lack a discernible meter or musical quality, but they are stellar because of content, word choice, presentation (on the page), and otherwise mystical ability to evoke emotion. 

How important is rhythm and/or rhyme in your preference of poetry?

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