April PAD 17: Dear Future

Dear Future,

You’ve always said “you ain’t ready”
laughing as I chase your
butterflies out of my stomach.

You’ve always said “you ain’t seen
nothin’ yet” as my eyelids
are weighed down by your promises.

But today,

yes, I have today

in my open fist.

You ain’t ready.
I’ve seen old versions of you
in my past and this time,
I’m more prepared.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
I dare you to mock me
with your elusiveness
chained to my tightening

Prompt: Write an epistolary poem — a poem in the form of a letter.


Another form prompt from Napowrimo.net! Maybe tomorrow I’ll try found poetry….

5 thoughts on “April PAD 17: Dear Future

  1. Beautiful epistle. I'm glad to see a fixed form in the #30in30 every now and then. It serves as a powerful affirmation; almost a taunting so to speak to dare life straight in the eye. Love the refrain, and punctuation to keep it lively; great stops to break up the poem for the correct amount of pauses. I love the meter in the last stanza.

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