April PAD 25: The Draft


The cameras and lights
and parties
and drinks
and threats
and bets
and hopes that are pinned
on dreams being achieved
and money
(we’re hoping)
is well spent, well deserved
and earned
and returned
to the ones who sacrificed
their own
the moms and dads at home
cheering their American sons
as they become
darlings for a moment
potential heroes of future
fifteen minutes, and maybe
someday the hall of fame
knowing their name
is not much safer
on a jersey
than it is embossed
on dog tags.
At least this draft
is (supposed to be)
the product of choice.

Prompt: Write a poem about a sport
Poetic Asides Community

Yay! This may have been the first time I’ve had an opportunity to meld two of my hobbies together: poetry and the NFL. I am looking forward to the draft in “Prime time” tomorrow evening, but I will refrain from getting too involved until my term paper for school is finished. My priorities are less crooked these days!

What is your favorite sport to watch/play?


2 thoughts on “April PAD 25: The Draft

  1. You did a good job putting an analytical perspective on that “interesting” sport…and by interesting I mean…let's just leave it at “interesting” .

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